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The end user must be considered when ordering a lift package. If the lift is to be used to lift heavy equipment, the construction of the lift must reflect this. Our range of heavy duty lifts include reinforced landing door sills and reinforced lift car flooring such as steel or aluminium checker plate. The design of the lift can include crash rails, recessed lighting and heavy duty push buttons, all features required for arduous duty.

Heavy duty lifts are available in traction and hydraulic drives. Ultra Heavy Duty lifts are usually hydraulically driven with tandem cylinders. Our range can meet your requirements up to and including 7500kg. Bespoke larger applications are available. Please contact our design team for further information.

We also offer lifts for either Zone 1 or 2 hazardous environments.

Goods lifts


Maximum Travel:
Maximum Floors:

Drive System​:
Door type:

Clear Door Opening:
Door Height​:
Car Dimensions:
Internal car Height:

500Kg to 7500kg
0.3 – 1.6 m/s
Up to 25 Metres
2 – 6 Floors
Single entry – Front only /Through entry – Front & Back/Side
Traction or Hydraulic
Modern, low energy microprocessor
Automatic side/centre opening, Manual, Vertical bi-parting
From 600mm to 5000mm (in 100mm increments)
2000mm – 2800mm
Standard Car Dimension
2100mm – 3000mm



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