Hospital Bed Lifts

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This type of lift is usually intensively used and reliability is essential. We develop and manufacture our own product, using proven components from world renowned suppliers.

The lift cabs are robustly constructed to withstand impacts from beds, heated food trolleys etc. The lift cab floor is coved around the perimeter with waterproof welded seams to aid easy cleaning and cab panel joints are sealed both to assist in infection control.

Doors are heavy duty to withstand impacts and high usage cycles

The permanent magnet drive motors are capable of regenerating accumulated energy back into the hospital electrical mains, aiding the building to achieve BREEAM sustainable energy saving standards. The lifts meet the current Lift Regulations 1997, HTM 08-02 and HTM 05-03

Hospital bed lifts


Maximum Travel:
Maximum Floors:
Drive System​:
Door type:
Clear Door Opening:
Door Height​:
Car Dimensions:
Internal car Height:

2000kg to 3500kg
0.5 – 1.6 m/s
Up to 50 Meters
2 – 12 Floors
Single entry – Front only /Through entry – Front & Back
Traction (Hydraulic available)
Modern, low energy microprocessor
Automatic side/center Opening
From 1300mm to 1500mm (in 100mm increments)
2000mm – 2300mm
1800mm wide x 2700mm deep
2300mm high (clear sizes) standard

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