Scenic Lifts

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If you are looking for a glass lift in a glass shaft – whether it’s Hydraulic, Traction or Motor room less – then look no further than Cardiff Lift Company for a market leading design and installation service.

We have an extensive range of panoramic and scenic glass lifts of outstanding designs, for shopping centres, sports facilities, offices, public buildings etc. Adding a glass lift to your new office development, for instance, will create a great impression with your customers.

We offer a wide variety of bespoke glass lift shapes, sizes and drive systems, with square, oval or octagonal backed glass. Challenging designs such as circular lift cars with under-driven curved glass doors are also available.

The more complex the design, the more important it is to involve us at an early stage – taking advantage of our technical advisory service places you under no obligation.


Maximum Travel:
Maximum Floors:
Drive System​:
Door type:
Clear Door Opening:
Door Height​:
Car Dimensions:
Internal car Height:

320kg to 1600kg/4 person – 21 person
0.3 – 1.6 m/s
Up to 30 Metres
2 – 15 Floors
Single entry – Front only /Through entry – Front & Back
Direct Gearless or Hydraulic
Modern, low energy microprocessor
Automatic centre opening glazed panels
From 600mm to 1600mm (in 100mm increments)
2000mm – 2300mm
Standard Car Dimension
2100mm – 2400mm

Scenic lift


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