Service Lifts

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Cardiff Lift Company has a solution for all your Service Lift requirements.

Cardiff Lift Company can manufacture, supply and install your service lift requirements in all environments; Hotels, Public Houses, Restaurants, Banks and Prisons whether for food, bullion, files, lab samples or light goods transportation.

These lifts are adaptable in size and capacity from 50kg to 500kg and in increments of 25mm in height, width and depth. A variety of finishes are available including paint, galvanised or stainless steel.

service lift


Maximum Travel:
Maximum Floors:
Drive System​:
Door type:
Car Width:
Door Height​:
Car Depth:
Shaft size:

50Kg to 1500kg
0.25 – 0.45m/s
Up to 40 Meters
2 – 10 Floors
Single entry – Front only /Through entry – Front & Back or Front & Side
Traction or Hydraulic
Modern, low energy microprocessor
Bi Parting shutters, manual gates, manual hinged doors​
460mm – 1300mm
800mm – 2000mm
570mm – 1500mm
Dependant on Capacity and model chosen



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