EU Lift Directive 95/16/EC (The Lift Regulations 1997)

​The directive creates a common Standard of Safety to which all new lifts manufactured within the EU conform and be enforceable by law in each of the EU member countries. The benefit of which is to enable the free trade of approved new lifts and related components within the EU as they all meet the same safety requirements. The directive was enacted by the European Council on 1st July 1997, the official UK version is “The Lift Regulations 1997”. The latest implementation date was 1st July 1999 which was to allow a new set of standards to be written and approved by all EU member countries

Cardiff Lift Company always complies with the European Lift Directive 95/16/EC, however for lift replacement where existing building restrictions are present ie: low headroom’s or shallow pit depths, with a derogation prior to commencing any works from the BIS we can where appropriate modify our lift designs and other deviations with a agreed Modified Design certificate form our BSI appointed notified body Bureau Veritas. Thus meeting alternative comparable safety as required by the European Lift Directive 95/16/EC.
All Lifts installed anywhere in the EU after 1st July 1999 must have clearly visible within the lift car, a plate bearing the CE mark and the lift installers Notified Bodies BSI License Number.

British Standards