Lift Repairs

Lift Repairs

Cardiff Lift Company can carry out small minor repairs and safety upgrades to all types and makes of lifts. The work can range from replacing main suspension ropes to buttons and indicators. We offer many safety upgrades to enhance your lift to ensure it meets the current standards.

We understand even the smallest of repairs can disrupt your working day, which is why we aim to complete these types of repairs as quickly as possible – ensuring minimum inconvenience.

We have the machinery to manufacture a wide range of components required to complete our everyday projects, which allows us to maintain a competitive pricing structure and tighter control on lead in times.

General specification

Car Top Test Control Upgrade

Your existing Car Top Control unit may not comply with current standards. To ensure the safety of personnel working on top of the lift car, we can fit a fully compliant Car Top Control unit with built in LED Lighting and Emergency Lighting as standard.

Lift Car Lighting

We now offer the perfect solution for introducing affordable Homogenised Lighting in the lift car. These surface mounted LED Light panels provide a valuable alternative when replacing existing lighting. They are ideal for covering up existing holes or damaged ceilings, at the same time introducing LED technology that can save up to 85% in energy bills.


We have machinery to supply and fit guarding to any moving part such as an Over-Speed Governor pulley, Drive Sheave, Ropes etc.

Traction Ropes

Lift Traction Ropes are responsible for moving your lift up and down safely. Worn ropes can cause slippage and can cause lift floor levels to be inaccurate. Cardiff Lift Company engineers are trained to replace worn ropes with the minimum amount of downtime.

Load Weighing

Supply and fit load weighing sensors, of any weight requirement, to ensure no overloading of lift capacity can take place. These sensors range from rope mounted to structural mounted, measuring strain or deflection.


Buttons are the interface between the user and the lift controls, therefore an essential and most noticeable feature of the lift.

Buttons are also one of the most regulated aspects of the lift having to meet strict criteria for appearance and effect. However, there are still many designs to choose from when designing the push button consuls.

Compliance with Part M latest edition, to enable access for disabled persons is mandatory; to meet this we offer vertical or horizontal operating consoles in the lift car. We also offer extended landing buttons to ensure they are positioned between 900mm and 1100mm from floor level, ensuring minimal redecoration costs.

Door Safety Edges

Door Safety Edges can greatly enhance the safety of passengers using the lift.

We can replace your single beam or mechanical edges with a multi-beam Infra Red Detector Safety Edge. This type of safety edge operates when any of the multiple beams are broken by a lift user or obstruction, re-opening the lift doors automatically without touching the lift user or obstruction. The system fully complies with recommendations from Health and Safety at work and EU requirements.

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