Refurbishment Modernisation

Refurbishment Modernisation

Our range of refurbishments and modernisations can vary from minor repairs to a complete overhaul replacement of all major lift components. Many older lifts in service do not comply with current regulations and some of our customers may prefer to upgrade the existing lift instead of replacing the complete unit, eliminating the need for extensive building works.

The work can range from replacing electrical wiring, buttons and indicators to meet DDA requirements, to replacing or modernising the lift car interior finishes and lighting in line with current design and legislation. We offer replacement control panels and drive units with integrated variable speed drives to ensure smooth rides and accurate levelling.

General specification

Control Panel

An existing lift can become unreliable due to the control panel whilst the rest of the lift remains mechanically sound. In these cases we are able to supply a replacement control panel tailored to suit the existing equipment improving the overall reliability significantly.

In most cases, when replacing the control panel only, we can also improve the lifts ride quality and leveling accuracy. Very importantly we only use open protocol micro-processors, no separate tool. ​

Drive Units

We install a wide range of Geared, Gearless or Hydraulic drive systems to give optimum performance, efficiency and ride comfort. All drive types are used with the latest floor positioning technology to give a reliable floor accuracy and seamless ride quality. Our standard drive unit, when coupled with a frequency drive control panel, will give a typical floor levelling accuracy of +/- 3mm from empty to fully loaded lift car.


The moving suspension ropes and rotating drive “V” sheave are fitted with a suitable mesh guard, along with mesh side panels fitted between machine bedplate steels and motor room floor.

Traction Ropes

On complete removal of the existing lift suspension ropes, we supply and fit new lift suspension ropes to suit the requirements of the new or existing drive sheave, terminated with the latest socket wedge clamp type anchorages.

Load Weighing

Supply and fit load weighing sensors of any weight requirement to ensure no overloading of lift capacity can take place. These sensors range from rope mounted to structural mounted, measuring strain or deflection.

​Overspeed Governor

Overspeed Governors can be overhauled and recalibrated, or completely replaced with a new modern day type tested Overspeed Governor, which includes a new return tension pulley in lift pit and shaft operating rope, set for the correct running and tripping speed

Cab Interiors

The décor of the lift is entirely up to the imagination of the customer. Adequate LUX levels, buttons and sensible flooring are the only restrictions, as they have to comply with Lift Regulations.

ECO features such as auto lighting and shutting down all indicators, when not in use, are available.

Lift internal doors invariably get scratched and lose their clean appearance, however they can be removed and re-skinned in a wide range of Stainless Steel or Powder Coated finishes at our manufacturing facility.


Buttons are the interface between the user and the lift controls, therefore an essential and most noticeable feature of the lift.

Buttons are also one of the most regulated aspects of the lift having to meet strict criteria for appearance and effect. However, there are still many designs to choose from when designing the push button consuls. Compliance with Part M latest edition, to enable access for disabled persons is mandatory; to meet this we offer vertical or horizontal operating consoles in the lift car. We also offer extended landing buttons to ensure they are positioned between 900mm and 1100mm from floor level, ensuring minimal redecoration costs.

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