Wales’ only Lift Manufacturing Company

As a flexible distributor, we can source and supply a wide range of lifts from any number of suppliers. This ensures the requirements of our customers are always met. We also offer our own range of lift car finishes. However, we can also provide a custom finish to add a personal touch.

Low to High rise lifts for 4-21 persons. Traction, Hydraulic drives or Motor room less. Complete flexibility of choice and finishes.

Lifts for all types of situations and properties from grade 1 listed building’s to hazardous environment applications such as Petro-Chemical and Pharmaceutical facilities.

The lift cabs are robustly constructed to withstand impacts from beds, wheeled stretchers, heated food trolleys and other generally used hospital equipment.

If you are looking for a Glass Lift in a Glass Shaft – whether it’s Hydraulic, Traction or Motor room less – then look no further than us for a market leading Design and Lift Installation service.

Ultra Heavy Duty Lifts are usually hydraulically driven with tandem cylinders. With our range we can meet your requirements up to and including 5000Kg.

Supply and install your Service Lift requirements in all environments: Hotels, Public Houses, Restaurants, Banks and Prisons, for food, bullion, files, lab samples or light goods.

Platform Lifts are designed for low usage by disabled persons to meet the building access requirements of Part M Building Regulations and are aesthetically adaptable to blend in with the interior building design.

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